Weight Loss and Blood Glucose Levels

I have recently been dieting in an attempt to lose some weight. I now find that my blood glucose levels are high when I first wake up in the morning and quite often I have a bad headache. I am wondering what is causing this to happen.


It appears your weight loss may have changed your insulin requirements , more particularly your night time requirement.Watch movie online Get Out (2017)

A relatively common occurrence at night for people being treated with intemediate or long-term insulin is hypoglycaemia. This usual happens between 1am and 5am and is quite common when your bedtime level is less than 7mmol/L ( 126 mg/dl ) or you have not eaten anything at supper time or you have excercised.

A lot of people will wake up bathed in sweat when they experience a hypo but there are some that will just sleep through it. If you do sleep through it and the hypo is not treated this will result in the liver releasing glucose into your system which will in turn raise the glucose level.

Next morning the level may have returned to normal but sometimes will remain high but you will not have been aware of the low level which occurred during the night. This is commonly referred to as “rebound” hypoglycaemia.

Another possible side effect is that there is a lack of glucose getting to the brain during the night and this can result in you waking up with a throbbing headache.

It would be advisable for you to speak to your doctor or diabetes consultant to discuss the best course of action to overcome this problem.

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