Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Treatment

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is a serious disease and we already covered the basics, as for the treatment, the immediate goal of the diabetes type 2 treatment is to lower the glucose level in the blood. The long term goal of treatment is to prevent further diabetes related complications.

diabetes mellitus treatmentAlthough there are medications for diabetes treatment these are the things that your doctor will take care of, what every doctor will however recommend and “prescribe” is the home treatment for diabetes. This is a life long disease that needs to be controlled and kept in order, so the two types of treatment are exercise and diet. We will also talk about medication for diabetes mellitus type 2 at the end of the article.

In order to make sure that your diet and exercising is going the way they are supposed to you need to learn the management skills and test your diabetes progress, the following skills are essential in diabetes mellitus treatment:
–    Testing and recording the blood glucose level (monitoring)
–    What you should eat and when
–    How to take the needed medication
–    How to treat low and high levels of blood glucose

The need to constantly monitor diabetes is essential for the treatment. Recording your blood glucose level will tell your doctor how well your diet is performing as well as how much the exercises influence your overall state of health.

For monitoring blood glucose level you can use a glucometer, which is a device used to provide accurate readings of blood glucose levels and can be found in most pharmacies. The tests are performed per need, so in the beginning you may need to test two times a day, or specifically after a meal or before the meal and also when you wake up and before you go to bed, the schedule will be created by your doctor. The results are used to adjust your diet and exercise levels as well as medication.

Continue to read about diet and weight control, physical activity and medication used during diabetes mellitus treatment.

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