Myths Surrounding Diabetes Mellitus

Unfortunately Diabetes Mellitus is one of those things that are covered with myths, and it’s actually strange. This is the most widespread disease in the world, you would think that people are more knowledgeable about this subject, but no, some of the myths surrounding diabetes mellitus are really special. Although I would like to say that this is funny it’s not, it doesn’t help people understand Diabetes nor does it help people with Diabetes properly live with it.

diabetes mythThe ADA recently conducted a test of knowledge regarding diabetes, unfortunately our citizens didn’t score that well. One of the most common myths is that Diabetes is not a serious disease. Well, people would change their opinion if they knew that Diabetes causes more deaths each year than HIV and cancer combined.

Another myth that is popular in the US is that overweight and obese people will sooner or later develop diabetes mellitus type 2. Well this is utterly ridiculous as most overweight people don’t have diabetes type 2 and there are plenty of slim people with this type of diabetes. Yes, being obese is one of the factors that lead to diabetes, but just one out of many like ethnicity, family history, age and plenty of other risk factors.

This one you probably heard about, high quantities of sugar cause diabetes. That’s not true. Diabetes mellitus type one is mostly caused because of genetic predispositions and some still unknown factors. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is caused by our lifestyle and genetic factors. Any type of high calorie diet contributes to the fact that we can develop Diabetes, so sugar is just one out of many types of food that can eventually contribute to the condition of developing diabetes.

Another very common myth, one I must admit I believed myself is that people with diabetes need to eat diabetic foods. There is no such thing as a diabetic food; it’s just a normal healthy diet that all of us should eat low fat and moderate salt and sugar with plenty of vegetables and fruits.

Also a common myth that you probably heard about is that people with diabetes cannot eat chocolate and sweets, well it’s the same myth like the one with sugars. The only thing you need to do if you have diabetes is to eat them as a part of a diet plan or with certain exercises, they are no unhealthier to people with diabetes than to anyone else.

This is one myth that actually surprised me; people think that diabetes can be passed on from someone else. Well it can’t, diabetes can be developed due to some genetic predispositions but it is not contagious. So it’s not like we are talking about the flu.

The last myth we will present is about diets when you have diabetes, one common myth is that since fruits are healthy you can eat as much as you want. Well fruit is a healthy type of food, there are minerals, fibers and vitamins, but like any other food they have carbohydrates and taking them in a larger amount can be bad for your health. So you need to consult with your doctor about the amount you can consume every day.

I hope we cleared some myths related to Diabetes mellitus. Don’t believe everything you hear, and if you or someone close to you has Diabetes or any other diseases the best course of action is to talk to your doctor and seek professional help and advice rather than rely on hearsay.

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