Diabetic Symptoms

I am 19 years old and live a fairly typical life style. I don’t test my blood/glucose levels as often as I should but when I do they are usually on the high side. I have never experienced what they call a “hypo”. There is a common belief that if you have levels which are “high” you will experience a greater than normal thirst and will urinate more often. I have never had any of these symptoms.

I feel absolutely great so my question is “Is it really necessary for me to be concerned about exercising strict control?”

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Unfortunately anyone who has had diabetes since Showbox App childhood and has not exercised the correct controls are almost certainly going to develop complications in the long term.It is realised that when you are a teenager it is difficult to concern yourself with something that is going to happen so far into the future.

However , research has shown beyond any doubt that the best way to delay and quite possibly prevent future complications is to take the required steps to control and maintain good blood glucose levels at all times.

The following will give you an overview of various levels:

  • Norman levels 72-108 mg/dl (4-6mmol/L) before meals
    72-144 mg/dl (4-8mmol/L) after meals*
  • Ideal levels 72-108 mg/dl (4-6mmol/L) before meals
    Up to 144mg/dl (8mmol/L) after meals*
  • Moderate levels 108-126mg/dl (6-7mmol/L) before meals
    Up to 198mg/dl (11mmol/L) after meals*
  • Above target
    levels More than 126mg/dl (7mmol/L) before meals
    More than 198mg/dl (11mmol/L) after meals*
  • * 2 hours after starting the meal
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